Checkride destinations

Checkride destinations from EHAM are relatively short flights (~200 nm) that serve to train the usage of checklists,
without the long stretch that the cruising part of a commercial flight usually represents.

Use FL280 as your cruising altitude and plan the checkride to include the interception of at least 1 VOR beacon
on a pre-determined course. Then land on the active runway of your destination.


These checkflights are to be conducted from cold startup to complete shutdown using the checklist.
Recommended airframe: Boeing 737 (any subtype).

Suitable destinations from EHAM:

And here are the charts for EHAM, so you can practice flying the official departures.

For those who want an additional challenge: visit this site to get the METAR data for EHAM and your destination and use MetarReader to 'inject' that data into FS2004 for added realism!